We petition government officials or public entity on alleged issues of corrupt practices. We have in our purview, various petitions and correspondences with ministries, departments and agencies (MDA’s) on issues bothering on corruption, mismanagement of funds and negligence of due process.

We also pursue cases of human rights and anti-corruption abuse and proffer litigation solution, ensuring that victims of oppression or misdemeanor find justice. Our team of qualified professionals are well equipped in providing the needed legal advice and expertise.

Listed below, are some petitions which we have chosen to undertaken and pursue to a conclusive end.

List of Petitions

Petition to the Ministry of Aviation

Petition to Ex CJN Mahmud over continued detention of Kabiru & Co

Petition to NCC

Petition on the DG National Library Habib Jato

Petition to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources

Petition to the Director Finance NCAA and Stella Odua

Petition to RMFC


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