What We Do

What We Do

Al-Mushahid Initiative is working tediously to identify, pursue and stop cases on critical human rights anti-corruption issues. We’ve held governments and companies to account, exposing the corrupt and dodgy deals. We have also helped hundreds of thousands of people to take a stand in cognizance with the binding global conventions against corruption.

We believe that right to freedom of expression includes the right to point out acts of wrongdoing – both in government and in private sectors. We also believe in the protection of whistleblowers, ensuring that they are adequately protected from reprisals, and to provide them with easy-to-access avenues to make their disclosures,

We are engaged in a wide range of advocacy, public awareness and research activities, we advise whistleblowers in making their disclosures and work to make sure that their disclosures are duly addressed by appropriate authorities. We work closely with advocacy groups, legal experts and whistleblowers toward enhancing whistleblower protections and rights.

Join us and help create a cleaner, safer and more just world!!!


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