In every political setting it is not unusual to observe the constant shift in political party structures, policies of state and behavioral pattern of humans that constitute the party. So, the current mass exodus of some APC stalwarts to the opposition party is quite expected, even though it’s coming rather too late.

In this discuss, I will rather not dissipate energy and valuable time on frivolities but concentrate on the motive for the shift and nature of the personalities that hatched the plots to oil their political ambitions to achieve national significance. However, it is very regrettable that this posturing and political exigency devoid of national interest but to unseat our amiable President Muhammadu Buhari who has audaciously worked to redress the well prolonged ills of our society which successive past administration was unable to deal with in spite of the huge resources at their disposal.

It is very unfortunate that the political class by their current comportments has shown no residue of knowledge of the past to rely on that would have helped in the current circumstances and effort of the federal government to shape and properly direct the political destiny of this great nation called Nigeria.

The times are ominous as Nigeria is once again at the threshold of history and about to witness another political summersault into oblivion, heralding a new dawn of political recklessness, avarice and the usual looting of our National Treasury which almost crippled our nation’s economy and value system.

As the defending senators and their political allies engaged in a new political romance with the opposition parties, to have a well-orchestrated high profile conspiracy theory of providing nonexistence parties excuses and alternatives to justify their defection, save on the obvious reason of Mr. President outright refusal to any form of alliance and compromise with the old order that almost  deface our national heritage and value system of good stewardship in political leadership and governance.

This is the President sin for which some political gladiators and their god fathers are hell bent in destroying current valuable legacies of the present administration which has greatly helped to instill in Nigerians a new sense of social order and national pride.

The development is a repeat of the unpleasant dose of the past administration, an experience which no right thinking individual will be willing to gulp; a system that made governance a master-servant relationship thereby reduced the average Nigerian citizenry to mere nonentities in their own country. We are so worried that our political class is still far from present political realities as applicable globally, and in as much as individual party faithful’s are at liberty to make choices that may determine their political future and wellbeing but such considerations must be done in the national interest far and above personal, ethnic and religious prejudice or gains.

These are the basic essentials and best possible options in true nation building across party lines of thought and programs for national development and growth.

We are indeed saddened by the current cloud of political uncertainty hovering over our dear Nigeria political history that has made honest return of excess budget allocations to the Federation account to the tune of one hundred and eighty billion naira. In other climes this is enough to attract accolades but the opposition parties are so alien to this fact and has remained adamant and blind in its wild goose chase to this present realities that has successfully changed our past narratives about Nigerians being bad economy managers and treasury looters to astute financial managers to be trusted by international communities thereby giving Nigerians her pride of place amongst the comity of nations. Nigerians be wise, they are here again.


The rest of Nigerians are no fools, as we are quite aware of the sources of the unfriendly political waves that tends to heighten the current tension in our nation, this uneasy political atmosphere shall surely be over as millions of Nigerians have resolved to commit the president in prayers and by the special grace of Allah come 2019, president Mohammadu Buhari shall be sworn in as democratically elected president of to free this nation from the hands of these hopelessness and moral depravity.

The nation is aware of the antecedence of these political jobbers that are influencing the current political sojourn in the PDP as political prostitutes and men of easy virtues only committed half way in every journey of their earthly pursuits, let’s wait and watch while they make their unfruitful return to the All Progressive Congress (APC) as political sons and daughters.





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