Prison Appointment: NGO Frowns At Neglect Of Due Process

Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability has frowned at the recent appointment of Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Prisons Service, saying the statutes recognises the most senior officer as the next in line for the position, not the subordinate.

The president of the organisation, who made the position known in a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja, posited that “this administration is known for its advocacy for due process and diligence.

“To the best of my knowledge, the civil service, military and the Para Military appreciate the experience, qualification and seniority in the appointments of the leadership of government agencies.
“It is then appalling to hear that these virtues were disregarded in the appointment of the acting CG, Nigeria Prisons Service.
“Appointing an assistant comptroller of prisons ahead of his superior, a Deputy Comptroller General, who gave inmates a sense of belonging during his five months as acting CG, after the exit of Zakare, in 2014, is disappointing.

“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari, to prevail on this matter to ensure that justice is not only done, but is seen as done as it will set a wrong precedence in and administration that has sanctioned those found culpable in disregard for due process and corruption”.

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