Anticorruption NGO Frowns at non Compliance with Posting Directive

Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability has frowned at the non compliance with posting directives from the Head of Civil service, of the Federation.

The President of the organization, Amb. Aminu Majidadi, made this known in a statement released at the weekend in Abuja.

He said that the fight against corruption by this administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, must be supported by all and sundry towards a better Nigeria.

He noted that the alleged level of impunity at the New Partnership For African Development, NEPAD –Nigeria Headquarter as reported by stakeholders in NEPAD, was unfortunate.
“There was a recent posting for the Directorates cadre from the office of the Head of civil service of the federation precisely last week and the official hand over was on or before 24th May, 2016 and this posting affects both the Director Administration and finance department and the Acting, CEO of NEPAD,Mrs. Augusta Ume in the department of African peer Review Mechanism, APRM. ”

“Our Investigation reveals that the
the Acting, CEO, Mrs. Augusta Ume has,allegedly refused to comply with the directive, by refusing to report to the ministry of Justice, General service department while the new Director who is supposed to take over from her, Dr. Mrs. Bolatilo from OSGF has immediately reported.

“But she vehemently refuse to handover to director Admin and Finance ,has reported to her new posting place at the ministry of defense and has handed over to the incoming Director with the official vehicle attached to her.”

Our findings also reveals that a permanent secretary at the office of the Head of civil service of the federation, is allegedly aiding her in perpetrating this impunity, at the NEPAD office, but they will soon be exposed.”

It will be recalled that our organization recently exposed the alleged high level of corruption going on in NEPAD, under her leadership, in some national dailies which she has not refuted. “

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