Our Team

Amb. Aminu Majidadi (C.E.O)

Amb. Aminu Majidadi is the chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Al-Mushahid Initiative for transparency and Accountability, a non-governmental, non-partisan organization which focuses on protecting economic and social rights, strengthening anti-corruption work and dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in the use of Nigeria’s natural resources. He has been an academic, consultant and activist, and has published extensively against corruption and human rights abuses. He has established new collaborations and networks, including CAPITAL WATCH MAGAZINE, a non-partisan news network which also focuses on maintaining human right and social justice.

Amb. Aminu has a sound legal background, having obtained his Law degree from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto. He was also conferred with an ambassador for peace award, in honour of his immense contribution towards peace and stability.    

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