Why AITA is term “Outstanding”, who we are and what we do

Amb. Aminu A. Majidadi; National president AITA presenting the cup

In nearly every developing country, the issue of lack of social justice system that protects citizens against unlawful treatment and denial of access to fair hearing has consistently constituted major hurdles to the dispensation of justice and the substance of democratic values within the context of global standard practice thereby threatening our collective human existence.

The development is the consequent of years of retrogressive actions of humans on the environment with a relative impact that tends to subvert the very essence of creation and functional relativities of the diverse human interest to such abysmal condition of want, creating serious environmental imbalance, social conflicts and reduction in human value system which has kept humanity at cross purposes, providing the basis for the lopsided social justice pattern and poor governance culture across the globe.

Consequently, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within and across the globe have made concerted efforts to provide a strong support for the government of various nations to bridge the existing gap in the lopsided social justice system, improve the level of infrastructural development and youth empowerment schemes. Our study on the system of democratic governance in Africa have shown very clear cases of impunity, abuse of public office and trust by the political class resulting in ostentatious life style of public office holders and mismanagement of national resources which has brought untold hardship and demean our global relevance.

Amb. Aminu A. Majidadi-National President/CEO AITA receiving award from NUJ

On this premise, ALMUSHAHID INITIATIVE FOR TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY as non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit making organization emerged to provide the much needed public accountability and transparency in all spheres of Nigeria national life, create greater public awareness and support for fight against corruption, strengthen government resolve to create new social order and national rebirth in the prudent management of the practices in order to achieve increase wealth creation for the advancement of the Nigerian state.

To report any case of human right abuse, corruption and malpractice is to help clean up the messes in our dear nation. To be silent over wrong did is an indirect way of participating and encouraging evil. If you see or know something, say something, maybe the next loot that would cripple the nation will be saved by you.

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